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Plugin Installation

Install the Videobug Plugin

  • Install the Videobug Plugin from the JetBrains plugin repository

  • Or you can go to your Intellij IDE --> Preferences --> Plugins --> MarketPlace --> Search Videobug --> Install

Plugin Installation

After you open the plugin, 2 things happen:

Videobug Agent Download

Videobug agent named "videobug-java-agent.jar" will be downloaded in /Users/{OSusername}/.VideoBug/ for example, if your Macbook's username is batman, the agent should be in /Users/batman/.VideoBug/

Videobug agent logs every variable change in your code execution. For the localhost implementation, this data is stored on your localhost file.

Download Videobug Agent

The plugin automatically downloads the Videobug agent on your machine. This can fail due to proxy issues. Make sure that Videobug agent is downloaded on your machine on $HOME/.VideoBug/

VM option

Your run config VM option should be populated with the below parameter.

If not, please add it manually.

--add-opens=java.base/java.util=ALL-UNNAMED -javaagent:"/PATH/TO/videobug-java-agent.jar=i=YOUR/PACKAGE/NAME,token=localhost-token"


Set your own package name in parameter i, if not done automatically.

This is how the VM option looks like.

VM Option

Using directly on IntelliJ

You can press the Run button directly

Using with Gradle

Add the following JVM arguements in your project build.gradle

jvmArgs = ["--add-opens=java.base/java.util=ALL-UNNAMED", 

Using with Maven

Add the following entry in the plugin section of your pom.xml


Using with Docker

If your deployment is on Docker, you need to download the java-agent jar to the Docker image and update the parameters to JVM to use the javaagent.

Here is what you can use

## Update token
ARG VIDEOBUG_TOKEN=videobug-jwt-token
## Update package name
## Update server endpoint

ARG VIDEOBUG_AGENT_PATH=/tmp/videobug-java-agent.jar
RUN wget -O $VIDEOBUG_AGENT_PATH $(wget -qO-

ENTRYPOINT ["java", "--add-opens=java.base/java.util=ALL-UNNAMED", "-javaagent:$VIDEOBUG_AGENT_PATH=i=$PACKAGE,server=$VIDEOBUG_SERVER,token=$VIDEOBUG_TOKEN", "-jar", "/application.jar"]


If you are using docker to deploy on your cluster, you will need your own server and a project based JWT token. Read the Self-hosting section to know how to get these.